Winter in Barcelona…The Shadow of the Wind

I am sitting with the sun on my face in a beautiful balcony in Stockholm. Looking at the trees, listening to the birds that are beginning to learn to fly. The sun has come to Sweden, but only a few days ago it snowed.

The sky was gray, the temperatures dropped and sundenly it started falling flakes of snow and rain. The people of Stockholm was very sad, after nearly six months under the snow they expected for the sun to arrive and have days like today, sunny and hot.

Well, I was one of the few people that wasn´t sad, I was melancolic: the cold, the wind in the face, freezing rain remmember me  what stole my heart: winter time in Barcelona. La Rambla with almost no people, the dark dusk and the lights of the lanterns reflected on the cobblestones of the streets. Humidity and cold wrapping the body and the ideas …

One of these days, in the cold winter that I lived there, I went through the Carrer L’Arc del Teatre, and saw the reflection of a man with a raincoat entering the cemetery of forgotten books … Well maybe I exaggerated, but the book Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Safón got in to my bones, just like the freazzing cold  from the rain in a February day in Barcelona.

So, is required reading if you are going to go to Barcelona, even if is summer, autumn, winter or spring. A beautiful story that makes it look to Barcelona from within.



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