Cueva el Guácharo

The Guacharo Cave (Cueva Guácharo) is a National park located in a litle town call Guácharo, in Caripe town, Monagas, Venezuela.

Wy to come here? first is because is a National treasure in Venezuela, because in this cave lives a birth call Guácharo (know oilbird) This kind of bird do not go out during the day, and they liv in the cave during the day and here is the only place thet is open to vist them .

Second, The sorrundings are amaizing with a beatifull town really close wich is Caripe, is quiet, and they have really good strowberrys and it is a tradition to buy them with wipped cream. They also make Coffe licour we bought three botles for 150 bs (Bolívares fuertes) wich is like 40 USD.

And third I think this is a nice way to see all the climates that Venezuela has to offer you as a tourist.

The cave has a longitud of arround 10 km. and as a visitor you can go with a tour guide to 1,2 km. and during the high season (January, February, August and Sepetember) you can visit 850 meters.

The information during the tour is really good, but I recommend to fresh up your spanish so you do not have to wait to long for a tour. You can also rent rubber boots. The prices to get to the cave for Venezuelan people is 20 Bs. (5 USD) and for foreign 30 Bs. (7 USD) and the boots can be rented for arround 20 Bs.
If you what to know more about the cave, or the births check out:

Me and my family got there from Cumaná thought the mountains in Cumnacoa  by car and  it took arround three hours.

You have to drive slowly, the rouds are not that good, but if it is possible to you to get a good MC, do it, they are really good curves upp there.

And if you are planning to visit here, ask me, i can give more detail info.


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