Enviornmental thinking in Cumaná

Restaurant Empanadas Chilenas Cristale is a restaurant that has som products: Empanadas Chilenas (both fried and baked, whole wheat and refined with a total of ten different types) fresh fruit juice, and candy. They opened theyr dorrs in december 2001 with one place at the Cumaná Market in Venezuela. At the market there is more than 30 restaurant, that sales from traditionall Cumaná food to cafeterias and Chicharr pig meat. They start with one place, today the owners (Sergio Pino and Emilia Araya) have three with two employees.
My questions war: 

1. How many and what kind of people are the clients do you have? when are the hight season?
R. Our customers are who like wheat flour (in Venezuela people use more corn flour) are generally families, workers and many tourist market. In advrege we have arround 1500 clients a month, and our hight season are Carnival (February) Easter, September (then are vacation in Venezuela) and December

2.Is there any enviornmental rule from the goverment that you have to apply?
In Venezuela there are a lot of enviornmental laws for the forest explotation, water use, petroleum manage, but there are no specific rules for the turist enterprise (large or small) But the govermnet at the national suppliers (Mercal) they sell a lot of ecologic produkts to a great price (sugar, salt, rice, tea, soap, etc)

3. If i say “Enviornmental friendly” name three thinks that comes up to your mind.
Responsable water use, cleaning (waste manegment, reuse of plastic, glass and papper, and specially energi saving apliencies.

4 how do you take this to practice at your restaurant?
Sadly there is no waste manegment in Venezuela, they just troght out the garbage, but we try to reuse everything that can be used : Plastic bags, plastic jars, glass jars, we sell our products in papper bags, the drinks that we sell are returnable packing only, we use biodegradable detergents and energi save lamps. It can seems that is a small input, but are the small effort that make the difference.

5. What have you learned about the enviornment during this years?
That we are not alone, that if you do something god for you and the enviornment is a great idea to share to others, it can give them a push into enviornmental thinking, even if is hard here ( for ex.is not easy to find people that fix pluming at the right way) Is god to think in renew your self all the time, with the pruducts that we sell, how we sell them, and all the life line that the product have, for example, one of the most popular juice is the papaya juice: The papaya that we buy comes from a farm that also has pigs, then the water that is sent to the pigs comes from the papaya plantation that is a litle bit higher grund, then the papayas that are too soft are give to the pigs as fruit, they do not use pestezides or chemicals, there farm is not to big, so they harves the papaya between three persons. The pigs go freedly arround the farm, the papaya has a speciall thing: the seeds make that the meat get softer, so the meat that gets from the pigs is really good, with out giving them spaciall food that usually have chemicals that there are not enviornmental friendly. Then we get the papaya, we peeal it and put it in small pieces in plastic jars (reused from mayonnaisse) the peel is sent back to the farm (they used it to the grund and food for the pigs) and we use the seads to make smaller papaya plants at the market, and our clients, or who ever can take them home. We are really popular with this, and is a fan way to be remiend of (laufght)

6. Are the market workers (owners, employees) doing something pro enviornment?
No that they know, maybe some, for a ouple years ago they tried to put different trash cans at the market for papper, glass, plastic, but the people did not used them correctly, it could be because not everyone can read, and because the people are used to cast at the floor what tey do not use. Now, the put the trash at the trash cans.
We have a good relation with all the restaurants, specielly with Santos that is a cafeteria, and “El Merengón” that sells juice too, we help each other with buying ice, information of prices, and more. They have started to reuse too, because the sa us doing it.
For some time the govermnet gave to everyone lowenergy lamps, people start talking that there ware bad, and bad light, there ware no information about it, but, we told them that they ware very possitive for the pockets and the enviornment, We ware the first tooking som lightbowls, now everybody has them!


Marry christmans to your all and hope that you have a great new year!!!!!!!!


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