Font Magica de Montjuic-EN

Barcelona is a city with a lot of fun for tourists during the summer months. One of them is the Font Magica.

This fountain with water, light and music show gives color to the summer nights and even if it’s a pretty simpel,  the beauty of the surroundings and musical play gives a great pleasure. With music ranging from classical Vivaldi to some topics of ABBA and Robyn. A good way to start the night in Barca.

I do not know if it is allowed, but we did it several times: We got a pillow, a bottle of wine, cheese and ham and enjoy the show with a million tourists arround us.

The are some days every year that the fountain is closed, if you whant to know more information, visit:, 2314, 1653_71861_1, 2000 . html? action = fitxa_ag & idActe = 96318091405

And the best day to see the pirotecnea, music and light show is the last day of the of the Merce party! You must arrive early to find good places!


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