Food from Chile to Venezuela

In a few days I will be in Venezuela, in a town called Cumana. The city is known throughout Venezuela for it´s delicious arepas (bread made with cornmeal, water and salt)  fish and other homemade food, that they ussualy cook with the family ( / sucrcul.html) and also, it is famous for the lovely beaches arround.

They like everything that comes from Venezuela, but, there is one thing that Venezuela has opened borders, hearts and most important, their mouth: Empanadas Chilena, or Chilean pies.

In Chile, is the sundays food that the family gathers to do, and usually it´s at Grandmas, othewise  you buy them at the supermarket or bagares.

In Venezuela, Empanadas, foundet their place in the 70’s, when many Chileans after the dictatorship had to find life outside of Chile, there were so many that came to Venezuela. Many of those were teachers or worked in government, and Venezuela, where a country that had a lot of money , it was the most rich country in South America thanks to oil, so they helped the Chileans who were in need of homes, and gave to them similar jobs, but many Chilean relatives , who had also had to leave the country found there a new path as entrepreneur, and it was so that in many markets in Venezuela opened Chilean pies restaurants.

Venezuela is no longer a rich country in that way, and has many political problems, but there is still the tradition to go shopping at the market and eat for breakfast one Empanada Chilena.

What’s so good with them? maybe it’s the dough, meat, spices, I do not know, but those are “celebrities” in South America.

My parents have a restaurant in Cumana market called: Emapanadas Chilena “Cristal” and there are people all over the country who come on holiday to Cumana, and their journey always begins with a warm, juicy Chilean pie.


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